Can You Run with a Basenji?

The Basenji is a dog with a very strong character, and that is why it performs an incredible role as a guard dog and as a protector of its human family members. 

The Basenji breed dog stands out for having an athletic, elegant and skillful body to perform various outdoor activities. That is one of the reasons why people acquire such a canine, as they like to have a training partner by their side. 

Can You Run with a Basenji? 

Yes! You and your Basenji dog can exercise together. An adult Basenji canine will make a good walking companion only if it is on a leash. Remember that these animals are very energetic, and if you take them for a jog without a leash, they will likely try to escape or run very far from you. 

In addition, it is essential to remember that you should not start with such hard exercise for a puppy, even if it is a dog that supports activities with ease. It is advisable to begin serious training until the puppy is one year old. Jogging is an excellent and friendly way to spend time with your Basenji. 

This breed is characterized by requiring at least 45 minutes of exercise a day. Races and walks in the city or the countryside are always an excellent option to train with your pet. Any dog can accompany us to run since they are more adapted to racing than humans. 

If you are going out for a run with your Basenji, be sure to take care of the pads of its paws, as it can get dirty or injure itself when stepping on something hard or abstract. 

What Things Should I Take into Account When Running with My Basenji? 

Put Your Canine on a Special Leash 

If you want to go for a run with your pet, it is advisable to take a more efficient walking method, which does not bother you or it. You could put your Basenji in an ergonomic harness that does not restrict its movements and is less harmful than a common collar. 

The leash should be more flexible but not stretchable and should have a maximum length of 2 meters. Keep in mind that the walking equipment for your pet is important so that it does not escape. Remember that your beloved dog will always be faster than you. 

Avoid Jogging or Running in the Sun 

Dogs don’t sweat like humans. The ability of Basenjis to regulate their temperature is less effective. Their only sweat glands are on the paw pads, and their effect is minimal. 

In addition, sunlight can be very annoying for canines, so it is more important to exercise with your pet in the shade or when the sun has gone down a bit. That is why it is vital to avoid running in the sun or when it is very hot with your pet since the risk of your canine contracting heatstroke is high. 

In general, heatstroke increases the animal’s body temperature, and if it becomes very serious, it can be fatal for the dog. 

Hydrate Your Pet Very Well, But Only at the Right Time 

Hydration in a canine is important, but it cannot be done just any way. 

If you want to give your Basenji water to drink after running or jogging, you need to wait a few minutes before doing so. That is because when the dog is recovering, it is essential that it does not drink too much water at once. 

Due to excessive panting from running, animals swallow air and, together with a large volume of fluid in their stomach, can develop a dilation with or without stomach twisting. 

In many cases, the result of the canine having drunk enough water without having rested beforehand can lead to hypovolemic shock and death. 

Remember to give your pet the water little by little. Do not exceed the amount of liquid you give your dog. Make sure only to provide what it needs. 

Choose a Place with a Good Running Surface 

Normally, you and your canine can go for a run and a jog wherever you want. However, some sites are always better than others. 

Asphalt surfaces or excessively hard dirt can be very abrasive and rough to the footpads of your Basenji and can, in turn, cause injury. 

The best recommendation to go for a walk with your pet is to do it on grass, sand, or soft earth. Dogs are animals of habit and will help you comply with your training plan on a daily basis. 

The beach is an excellent place to go jogging with your Basenji. The sand on the ground is soft, and you don’t need to be avoiding cars every moment.